7 Natural Ways for Teeth Whitening

White teeth boost your self-esteem. This might sound familiar, but you might not understand the whole procedure of teeth whitening unless you get the transformation from yellow teeth to a bright, sparkling smile.

With regular usage, aging, dental trauma, or dental ailment, the teeth might lose its vitality and natural color. Often suffering from prolonged disease or genetic disorder might also harm your teeth color.

The change or alteration in your teeth's color is a gradual process, and some yellow tooth is inevitable. But there are various reasons for maintaining white teeth, and different whitening products are available.

Benefits of White Teeth

Your pearly white smile might lose its luster due to some bad habit or intaking colored food and beverages. Consumption of alcohol, caffeinated drink, and smoking might discolor your teeth. Stained teeth might be the reason for aging or dental trauma too.

Apart from the dentists and dental whitening procedures, various tooth whitening products can return your impeccable smile. A white smile can enhance your appearance. White teeth signify a clean oral cavity and minimize the chances of dental infection.

Good looks are something you would love, and a white set of teeth can let people focus more on your smile than on the wrinkles. The frown lines of your face would take a backseat as the bright teeth would take the limelight.

Whitening your teeth is a non-invasive procedure, and Phoenix dentists can perform the task efficiently. The painless procedure is a part of cosmetic dentistry, almost like a touch-up, and you can get sparkling white teeth.

Natural Ways of Teeth Whitening

The dental clinic and the dentist can clean your oral cavity and whiten the teeth with an array of customized or professional products. There are various natural ways too to whiten your teeth.

#1: Brushing and Flossing

A white set of teeth signify a clean and hygienic oral cavity. The first action plan is to brush your teeth correctly. You might be brushing every day, but the wrong technique can be detrimental to your oral health.

Brushing after consuming acidic food and beverages can nullify the adverse acidic effect on your enamel and reduce a yellow tooth's chances. Flossing can get rid of the food derbies stuck between teeth where the brush's bristles cannot reach. These food derbies, if not removed, might cause plaque, tartar, and cavities.

#2: Baking Soda

Baking soda is not only a cooking ingredient but is equally helpful in removing the plaque and tartar. The deposition of residual food items accumulates to form plaque and tartar. These are breeding ground of bacteria. You can apply a paste comprising one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide on your tooth and leave for ten minutes. Rinsing the mouth with water can produce desirable results.

#3: Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient technique to get rid of plaque and bacteria from your oral cavity. Swishing a tablespoon of oil for ten to thirty minutes and rinsing with water can whiten your teeth. Oil pulling with sesame or sunflower oil has additional benefit fighting gingivitis.

#4: Apple Cider Vinegar

A home-made natural mouthwash of two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in six ounces of water can be useful in whitening your teeth. Swissing the solution for thirty seconds and rinsing with water can remove your teeth's plaque and yellow spots.

#5: Lemon, Orange, or Banana Peels

Rubbing banana peels, orange, or lemon on your teeth can whiten them. Rubbing them on the white part of your teeth for about two minutes and rinsing thoroughly with water can give our desired results. The citric acid found in these fruits and banana peel can get rid of the yellow teeth.

#6: Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is known to remove stains from your teeth. Due to its high absorbing capacity, activated charcoal can remove bad breath and yellow spots from your teeth. You can brush the teeth along with activated charcoal to claim white teeth.

#7: Balanced Diet

Diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-water content as apple, cucumber, lettuce rub off the plaque from teeth and make it whiter.

Apart from the natural ways of tooth whitening, you can also book an appointment with Arizona Family Dentistry to experience comprehensive dental care.

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