Common Dental Issues Needing Help from Emergency Dentistry

If you get involved in an accident and hurt your arm or head, wouldn't you head to the emergency room seeking treatment? However, where do you consider going if you accidentally impacted your mouth and incurred a damaged tooth? Would you head home and ignore injury to a damage tooth or seek treatment elsewhere to ensure you don't lose the tooth altogether? We think the last option is the best you can adopt if you want to have your natural teeth in your mouth.

Many people believe it is challenging to access emergency dentistry services at odd hours when dental emergencies usually make their presence felt. Dentists have also recognized these traits in people. Therefore they have decided to make things easier for everyone by making available a dental clinic operating 24-hour emergency dental Phoenix, AZ, providing all services people need to overcome unexpected dental problems.

What Kind of Services Are Provided by the Phoenix Emergency Dentist?

The dental office in Phoenix provides various services needed by people and looks forward to alleviating pain and preserving patient's teeth. Here are the common dental issues dentists at the clinic frequently treat when contacted by patients during regular business hours or late in the evenings.


A toothache indicates various problems that need identification to ensure it is treated promptly. The most common reasons for toothaches include food particles trapped between the teeth and dental pulp infections. When toothaches arrive unexpectedly and progressively worsen, it signifies you need to see emergency dentistry as soon as possible because you may have an infected tooth needing intensive treatments. You can alleviate the pain you feel using a cold compress on your cheeks until you get to the emergency dentist near me at Phoenix.

Knocked out or Loose Teeth

A knocked-out tooth because of an impact to your mouth or an accident undoubtedly needs attention from emergency dentistry faster than any other dental issue. Time is of the essence if you want to preserve the knocked-out tooth and have the dentist reinsert it back into its socket. To succeed in your goal must reach the dentist's office within 30 minutes with the tooth maintained the moist condition. You can contact the 24-hour emergency dentist to inquire about managing your discomfort until you get to the dental office as soon as possible.

If you have a loose tooth in your mouth, you must try to keep the tooth in its socket and prevent it from falling out. You can gently bite the tooth to keep it in place until you reach the dentist's office for the necessary treatment.

Missing or Loose Dental Restorations

Missing fillings or crowns also need attention from a dentist as soon as possible. However, these are issues that don't need assistance from emergency dentistry because you can comfortably schedule an appointment with your regular dentist requesting urgent dental care to put the restorations back in your mouth. Delaying the treatment beyond a reasonable time can cause bacteria in your mouth to begin infecting the restored area from where the repairs are missing. Getting the treatments as soon as possible helps prevent unnecessary complications and expenditures you wouldn't want to think about.

Dental Abscesses

You may develop a dental abscess if you leave an infection untreated for long. A tiny cavity that you feel is inconsequential can silently continue damaging your tooth until it infects the dental pulp leaving you with severe pain and lingering sensitivity in the tooth to hot and cold temperatures. If dental abscess forms near the roots of the tooth, you also develop fever, swelling in the mouth, and suffer from intense pain in the tooth. Besides causing pain and discomfort in your mouth, dental abscesses are also life-threatening conditions needing prompt attention from emergency dentistry.

Do not expect the emergency dentist you visit to get rid of the infection immediately. Instead, the professional drain the spot and provides you antibiotics to tide over the problem and control the condition in your mouth. They further recommend that you contact your regular dentist immediately to understand how soon you can undergo the dreaded endodontic treatment to eliminate the infection from your tooth and save yourself from getting multiple health complications.

Besides the above, any dental issue causing severe pain, uncontrollable bleeding and life-threatening issues need help from emergency dentistry as soon as possible without exceptions.

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