Curing Tooth Decay in Children from Home

Curing Tooth Decay in Children from Home

Most parents are aware that a cavity is a hole in a tooth. What they do not know is that a pit results from the tooth decay process happening over time. With proper guidance from pediatric dentistry, parents can prevent decay to reverse the function of a cavity developing.

This article describes the beginning of the tooth decay process and ways to prevent it or even reverse it to keep your child away from the chronic condition of dental caries. Please continue reading to learn more about how to cure tooth decay in children from home.

What's Inside Your Mouth?

If your mouth is full of bacteria in a child's mouth's is no different. They, too, have millions of microorganisms living on their teeth, gums, tongue, and other places in their mouths. While some bacteria are beneficial, the others are harmful and culprits in the tooth decay process.

Tooth decay results from infections after some types of bacteria use sugars in the food to produce acids. Over time these acids erode the teeth enamel in the kid's mouth to create a tooth's cavity.

The Everyday Happenings in Your Mouth

Throughout the day or night, a raging battle is ongoing inside your mouths. The invaders are dental plaque, a colorless film of bacteria, and foods containing sugar or starch. Whenever you consume any sugary or starchy foods, the bacteria feast upon them to produce acids. The acids begin to erode the tooth's enamel, which is the hard outer surface of the tooth.

The defenders in the kid's mouth are the minerals in the saliva like calcium and phosphate accompanied by toothpaste, fluoride, and other sources. The defenders help the enamel repair itself by restoring minerals lost to the invader's attacks. You and your child's teeth go through this natural process losing minerals and regaining them throughout the day.

The Formation of a Cavity

When teeth are exposed frequently to acids, it results in the enamel losing minerals, especially when children have sugar and starchy foods. Children may display a white spot on their teeth where they have lost the minerals. The white site is a warning sign of early tooth decay.

You can cure or reverse tooth decay at this point because the enamel can repair itself using minerals from saliva and fluoride, either from toothpaste or other sources. However, if you allow the tooth decay process to continue, it results in more mineral loss. Over time the enamel weakens and is destroyed to enable the formation of a cavity. Cavities are permanent damages that need repair from a dentist with dental fillings.

How Can You Avoid or Prevent Tooth Decay in Children?

Providing children sufficient fluoride in the form of toothpaste or by drinking fluoridated water helps to strengthen the enamel. Fluoride is a mineral beneficial for preventing tooth decay from progressing. Early tooth decay is stopped or reversed when you get your child to use fluoride toothpaste or even take your child to pediatric dentistry for fluoride gel or varnish.

Your child's diet is also essential in preventing cavities. Children love having sugar and starchy foods, but every time they consume any of these varieties, the bacteria in their mouths use the sugar and starch to produce acids, which begin to eat away the enamel. It is why it is incredibly essential for you to keep a watch on your child's diet and ensure you have a proper account of what they eat and when they do so.

You must limit between-meal snacks and save the candy, soda, cookies, and other sugary beverages for special occasions. You can limit fruit juice and ensure your child doesn't have anything but water after bedtime tooth brushing. Children are also left with a dry mouth when they sleep because saliva flow decreases. Without sufficient saliva, the teeth are unable to repair themselves after an acid attack.

Poor oral health is a significant reason for tooth decay in children. Take your child for dental visits every six months or more frequently if they display signs of gingivitis, a gum infection affecting the jawbone. Ensure that your child brushes twice a day with fluoride toothpaste by supervising them continuously.

Regular Dental Exams Are Also Essential

Your child needs regular dental exams and cleanings for the following reasons:

  • Removing dental plaque.
  • Detecting areas of early tooth decay.
  • Learning how you and your child can thoroughly clean the teeth.
  • Applying fluoride gel or varnish if required.
  • Scheduling your next dental checkup.

Preventing tooth decay in children from home will not seem like a significant challenge if you follow excellent dental hygiene practices yourself. All it takes is a little effort on your part to give your child healthy oral health throughout their lives.

Want to learn how to cure tooth decay in children from home? Why let tooth decay progress and form cavities when the tips in this article can help you heal your child effortlessly?

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