Dental Bridges Help Replace Lost Teeth to Assist in a Smile Makeover

Are a couple of missing teeth preventing you from receiving the much-desired smile makeover treatment? Instead of avoiding the cosmetic dentistry procedure, why not discuss with the dentist a solution to replace the missing teeth to assist aesthetics. The dentist may refer you to the family dentistry near you, providing dental bridges to close gaps between your smile.

If you have a couple of teeth missing in a row, dental bridges can comfortably bridge the gap you display every time you smile. After evaluating your mouth to determine whether you have healthy teeth on both sides of the gaps left by the missing teeth, Dentists determine which type of dental bridge is best suited for your specific situation.

What Kinds of Dental Bridges Are Offered by Dentists?

Four types of dental bridges are currently available from dentists. They are:

A traditional dental bridge, cantilever dental bridge, Maryland dental bridge, and implant-supported dental bridges. As a consumer, you may think you can choose any variety for yourself but will do well to understand some types of dental bridges may not be suitable for your situation. Therefore the better option for you is to discuss your problem with the Phoenix dentist, an expert providing dental treatments to patients to safeguard their oral health.

Generally, dental bridges need healthy teeth around the missing tooth's gap to support a dental bridge. The healthy teeth function as abutments and are filed down to accommodate a dental crown. If you have two healthy teeth on both sides of the gap, you receive a traditional dental bridge with a fake tooth between the two crowns. Your healthy teeth are filed down to make space for the dental crown, and a Pontic or fake tooth is attached in between.

If only one healthy tooth exists next to the missing tooth can benefit from a cantilever bridge needing just one crown on the abutment teeth and a fake tooth attached to it.

If you are in a situation where you have many missing teeth in a row or the supporting teeth beside the missing teeth are not sufficiently healthy, the dentist may offer you a removable dental bridge equally effective to replace one or more missing teeth and help restore function and aesthetics.

Removable dental bridges are unlike the fixed variety and can bridge one or more gaps of missing teeth in the same dental arch and do not require healthy teeth on both sides of the missing teeth gap. A removable dental bridge's stability depends on how many natural teeth are available in the mouth to support the bridge.

Detachable dental bridges are helpful because they can repair function and aesthetics where required. Tooth loss has many consequences, most negligible of all your aesthetic appearance. You lose chewing abilities to put extra stress on your remaining teeth, and the remaining teeth in your mouth begin shifting towards the space created by the teeth you lost. The sooner you have the missing teeth replaced using an option suitable for your needs better it will be for your oral and overall health.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Removable Dental Bridge?

The Phoenix dentist generally requires you to visit them a couple of times to have a removable dental bridge installed in your mouth. Bear in mind the visits are just for preparing your teeth and the bridge placement. You must wait between four to six weeks for your dental bridge fabrication from the dental lab.

During your first visit, the Phoenix dentist perceives your teeth and surrounding gums for the dental laboratory to fabricate the bridge.

During the second visit, the removable dental bridge is placed and adjusted onto your teeth.

If you have selected a removable dental bridge, you have chosen an affordable option to replace the missing teeth, which offers similar functionality levels. The dental appliance appears awkward initially, but the removable device functions all with your lifestyle with some time. Removable dental bridges do not compromise your neighboring teeth because they are connected to a metal framework and attached to your natural teeth.

Removable dental bridges are created for easy removal, and placement and the appliance begin feeling comfortable after you have it in your mouth for a few days. Dentists provide instructions on how to maintain the removable device. Following the dentist's advice, you can have the removable appliance serving you appropriately for a period of five to eight years or more.

Dental bridges have proven themselves as appropriate solutions for replacing missing teeth. If you have a couple of teeth missing in a row, there is no reason why you cannot consider dental bridges as an option to replace them after a consultation with your dentist.

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