Dental Treatments During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Yes, a pregnant woman can get dental care and treatment. During pregnancy, a woman goes through different hormonal changes. This means that whatever treatment she's getting is going to be a special type. However, this doesn't mean she should not get treated if she needs to. Careful procedures are very important in keeping the mother and baby safe.

Dental care for pregnant women involves strict and careful dental procedures is that performed on pregnant women. While getting prepared for childbirth, it is important to take care of your health especially your oral health. Visiting the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings is safe for pregnant women. You can see a family dentist who is well familiar with your medical records. If you don't have a family dentist, you can visit the family dentistry in Pheonix, AZ.

How Does Pregnant Affect Your Dental Health?

Not all women go through dental issues while there are pregnant. However, pregnancy can trigger some dental changes and problems. This is why routine dental exams and dental cleanings are required to reduce the chances of getting affected by any dental issue and also for you and your baby's well-being.

Also, taking care of your dental health by practicing good oral hygiene is not exempted.

The dental issues associated with pregnancy:

Intensified Risk Of Tooth Infections And Decay:

Women who are pregnant can be vulnerable to tooth decay due to various reasons. The amount of acid inside the mouth can be increased by morning sickness during pregnancy. This can lead to an eroded enamel(a hard outer surface of a tooth). Also, some pregnant women have different pregnancy cravings which might make them munch on unhealthy foods that can be dangerous to their body, the baby, and their dental health as well. Due to morning sickness, sensitivity, and tenderness of the gums during pregnancy, brushing twice daily and flossing every day might become difficult along the way. Seeing the dentist for regular dental cleanings can be very helpful. Also, you can make use of soft toothbrushes and brush gently. If tooth decay happens eventually and then leads to severe toothache, see an emergency dentist around you or an emergency dentist near Phoenix. Unhealthy dental habits can also lead to premature delivery, gestational diabetes, and intrauterine growth restriction which can be dangerous for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Tumors


During the second trimester of pregnancy, some women experience excessive growth of tissues known as "pregnancy tumors" on the gums. This overgrowth is not cancerous and is usually between the teeth. However, the swelling can trigger a sort of discomfort. This causes the gums to bleed even without too much pressure applied to them. Dental experts believe that this can also be linked to the accumulation of plaques in the teeth. Although the swelling on the gums and gum tenderness will be gone after the birth of the baby, it still isn't a bad idea to see your family dentist If you feel uncomfortable.

Pregnancy Gingivitis:

Gingivitis is a mild gum irritation or infection. Pregnancy hormonal changes can cause inflammation of the gum. When brushing, you can apply soft pressure and get a soft toothbrush so that your gums don't bleed excessively. Also, gingivitis shouldn't be left untreated because it can lead to severe gum disease. See your family dentist for safe dental procedures that can help.

Is The Use Of X-ray Or Local Anesthesia During Dental Procedure Safe For Pregnant Women?

The radiation from dental X-rays are not as high as normal X-rays but dental hygienist can also take precautions. The dental expert can use an apron made of lead to reduce the exposure of the radiation of the dental X-ray on the abdomen. Your throat will also be covered with a leaded collar to reduce the radiation of the dental X-ray on the thyroid.

On the other hand, local anesthetics can be used but with extra caution. There are numbing treatments your family dentist can use that will not be dangerous to you and your baby especially if you have to undergo necessary dental treatments like root canal procedures, dental fillings, or tooth extraction.

In conclusion, pregnancy doesn't stop you from getting dental care. Thanks to modern dentistry, various safe dental procedures have been put in place for pregnant women. Pregnant women can also use dental accessories like smile makeover procedures to enhance their facial and dental structure. Seeking professional medical advice from dental experts can help put you on the safe side.

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