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What Would Be Considered A Dental Emergency?

A problem with your teeth or gums may cause discomfort or low self-esteem. Therefore, you should visit a dental clinic whenever you have teeth, gums, jaw or mouth issues. Some problems may require urgent treatment by an emergency dentist near you. Others, though, may wait for an appointment. Read on to learn what would be considered a dental emergency.

What Exactly Is a Dental Emergency?

You may want to rush to the dentist whenever you have pain, sensitivity, or other dental discomforts. This is a normal reaction because issues with your mouth greatly impact your quality of life. For example, they may prevent you from eating, drinking, sleeping and going to work or school.

However, it is crucial to know what exactly constitutes a dental emergency. This will prevent you from running to the dental clinic when there is no need. It will also save you money. It is because emergency dental treatment rates are higher than regular hours.

The American Dental Association classifies dental emergencies as potentially life-threatening issues. They state that these oral-related problems require prompt treatment. A dentist will help stop ongoing bleeding, prevent or alleviate infection and ease the pain. Dental emergencies occur in various ways and impact dental function and aesthetics.

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies affect the function of the mouth and impact your oral health. Recognizing a dental emergency will help you seek treatment fast to prevent complications. Below are some examples of issues requiring emergency dentistry treatment.

  1. Uncontrolled bleeding

You may experience uncontrolled bleeding due to soft tissue injury or post-operative complications. It may also be caused by gum disease. The dentist will perform urgent dental procedures to minimize or stop the bleeding.

  1. Tooth or jaw pain

You may have pain in your tooth or jaw that does not respond to treatment or recurs frequently. The pain may be due to the dental pulp or periodontal tissue issues. Causes of tooth or jaw pain include dry socket, TMJ disorders, or infected tooth roots. The experts at family dentistry in Phoenix, AZ, will first diagnose the cause of your pain then administer treatment.

  1. Soft tissue infection

Your orofacial tissues may sustain infections that require emergency dental care. These infections include cellulitis and pericoronitis. They are characterized by severe pain, swelling and pus discharge. The conditions require immediate treatment as they are potentially life-threatening. For example, cellulitis develops quickly and spreads fast even to your bloodstream.

  1. Tissue swelling that compromises the airway

Swelling in the orofacial region may be caused by trauma such as TMJ dislocation or infections. It may also result from allergic reactions or throat tumors. Sometimes, you may have post-operative swelling due to surgery-related issues or haematoma. If the node compromises the airway, it needs urgent management.

  1. Facial trauma resulting in breathing difficulties or airway obstruction

It is a dental emergency when you sustain injuries to the face and oral cavity tissues. However, some problems sustained during dental trauma are not true dental emergencies. They include crown infraction, enamel fracture, tooth loosening or tooth extrusion.

Contact the emergency dentist near you if you experience an injury that completely displaces a tooth. You should also call them if the trauma results in airway obstruction, which causes breathing difficulties. For example, a removable dental appliance may obstruct your airway or cause aspiration.

What to Do When You Need Emergency Dental Care

The first step when in a dental emergency is to contact your dentist. Explain to them the problem and symptoms in detail. If they are unavailable, leave a voicemail message explaining your situation. However, you should call another dentist if your regular one does not provide emergency dental treatment.

You may ask your family or neighbors for a recommendation for a good emergency dentist. Alternatively, you may look up emergency dentists at the family dentistry in Phoenix, AZ. Look at their online reviews to ensure their suitability. Another alternative is to visit your closest emergency room. They will help manage the symptoms as you wait for professional dental care.

Do not panic in a dental emergency or ignore the problem. Instead, contact us at Arizona Family Dentistry for prompt diagnosis and effective treatment. Our emergency dentistry team is always available to address various dental emergencies. They treat patients of all ages.

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