Dental Bonding in Phoenix, AZ

Not everyone has the time or budget for a complete smile makeover in Phoenix, AZ. That’s why dental bonding from Arizona Family Dentistry is such a popular choice for anyone looking for a quick and affordable way to correct minor imperfections to their smile. Are you ready to learn more about this modern dental treatment and how it can improve your smile instead of costlier treatments such as dental veneers? If so, we hope the following overview of dental bonding treatment in Phoenix, AZ provides you with the information you’re looking for.

Why Patients Prefer Dental Bonding to Other Alternatives

If time is important to you, you’ll appreciate the fact that dental bonding can be performed in as little as one appointment at Arizona Family Dentistry. Instead of having to undergo multiple appointments that are often required when using dental veneers, the dental care team in our comfortable Phoenix, AZ dentist office can complete a dental bonding procedure in one quick appointment. This is especially helpful if you have experienced a chipped tooth and need to have it repaired immediately.

Procedure: An Overview of Dental Bonding Near You

You’ll receive personalized care for your dental bonding procedure through a few pain-free steps. First, our dentist will discuss the goals you have regarding the color of your teeth and then prepare the material to produce those results. The surface of your teeth will then be etched to help them accept the bonding material. Our dentist will then apply the bonding material and shape it to complement the shape of your existing smile. Afterward, we’ll use ultraviolet light to cure the resin for maximum durability. The final touches of shaping, polishing, and trimming the resin will be made, and your new smile will be ready!

Dental Bonding Will Be Your Secret

Another benefit of dental bonding that patients of Arizona Family Dentistry appreciate is the natural appearance of the materials used in the procedure. Because they are tooth-colored to custom match your teeth, the fact that you’ve had this form of cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix, AZ will go virtually undetected. The only thing that will be noticeable is that your teeth are free from flaws, and have a natural-looking, healthy appearance to them!

Choose Professional Dental Bonding for Long Lasting Results

Although it’s possible to purchase dental bonding kits over-the-counter, keep in mind that those kits are not meant to provide a solution with any time of longevity in mind. Because the materials are designed to be easily removed if you make an error while applying the bonding material, it’s just logical that there is little durability to the products. Instead, choose professional dental bonding, which has an average lifespan of 3 to 10 years. If you do the math, it’s far more cost-effective to make an appointment with Arizona Family Dentistry and enjoy years of your smile makeover as opposed to having to purchase – and keep repurchasing – over-the-counter kits.

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