Dental Sealants in Phoenix, AZ

Dentists have several preventive treatments they can use to protect your teeth and keep them healthy. One of the most popular solutions for protecting teeth from decay is dental sealants. A sealant is a protective covering that prevents decay from rotting teeth and is applicable for young kids and older adults alike.

What is a Sealant?

A dental sealant is a plastic-like covering that one of our dentists at Arizona Family Dentistry will brush onto the surfaces of teeth to prevent bacteria in food and drinks from causing cavities. The sealant starts out as a liquid that one of our dentists in Phoenix, AZ brushes onto your child’s teeth.

As it dries, it hardens into a coating, or seal, around the teeth to keep food particles from getting between them and avoid plaque and tartar from sticking to them as well. Kids can get sealants starting at around the age of five when most of their baby teeth have fallen out and get replaced by permanent teeth.

Sealants are Good for Adults Too

Dental sealants are a good idea for adults who need help keeping their teeth clean, especially if they have mobility issues with their hands or arms. The sealants can protect their teeth if they can no longer lift their arms or grip a toothbrush well to keep their teeth clean.

If you’re interested in sealing your teeth, one of our dentists at Arizona Family Dentistry will check them for decay before applying a sealant. If there is recent evidence of decay, then you may not qualify to receive the sealant. However, if your teeth are in good health, our dentist in Phoenix, AZ will clean them and apply the sealant.

Keeping Teeth Healthy Under the Seal

Sealants supply teeth with fluoride by slowly releasing it to ensure your teeth stay in good health. Since the sealant is clear, dentists can check your teeth visually to ensure that they are okay.

Also, if the seal falls off or gets a hole in it, our dentists at Arizona Family Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ can easily fix it by brushing on more of it and letting it reseal your teeth to continue protecting them.

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