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Regular dental exams and cleanings are both crucial components of preventive dentistry. During a dental exam, our dentist will conduct a physical assessment of your oral cavity to identify any anomalies that may be indicative of compromised oral health. Dental cleanings, on the other hand, involve a thorough removal of any plaque and tartar from your mouth. A dental prophylaxis is essential in ensuring that harmful bacteria don’t have a conducive environment in which they can breed.

Arizona Family Dentistry offers thorough dental exams and cleanings, which allow our patients to enjoy healthy teeth and avoid the need for costly dental procedures down the road. If you’re looking for ways to be proactive about your oral health, start by booking a dental exam and cleaning with our dentist in Phoenix, AZ today.

How Often Should You Get Dental Exams And Cleanings?

If your teeth are in good shape—and you’re not currently receiving any dental treatment—you should make a point of scheduling at least two dental exams and cleanings every year.

Patients who have severe cavities or gum disease may need more than two appointments per year.

When in doubt, it’s always best to consult with our dentist as to the correct frequency of exams and cleanings for your particular situation.

What Happens During Dental Exams And Cleanings?

Our dentist in Phoenix, AZ will check your mouth for cavities, swelling, rashes, and other abnormalities. During your first visit, our dentist will take dental x-rays, which are placed in your dental records for future reference.

After a careful assessment of your oral health, the dentist will hand you over to our competent dental hygienist. The dental hygienist performs the cleaning—typically known as scaling. Scaling removes all food debris, plaque, and tartar from your teeth. The dental hygienist may also gently brush your teeth as well as floss to ensure that nothing is left behind.

The outcome of your appointment is cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and the assurance that your teeth are in good shape.

Can Children Get Exams And Cleanings Too?

Children should get regular dental exams and cleanings—for two primary reasons. First, children don’t always clean their teeth properly. As such, lots of food debris may remain between teeth, thus contributing to tooth decay. Children are also at a crucial stage of tooth development. Regular exams and cleanings set the right foundation for their permanent teeth.

If you’re a parent or have a minor under your care, make sure to bring your children to Arizona Family Dentistry for frequent exams and cleanings, as this will save you lots of dental trouble down the road.

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