Pediatric Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

At Arizona Family Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ, we value and hold children’s dental health in very high regard. The longer a person keeps their teeth healthy, the lower the likelihood of them having serious dental issues later on. This has to start at a young age.

A child that gets to adulthood without any dental decay, cavities, or other problems will most likely spend most of their life with great dental health. Children’s dentistry includes many services that we’re familiar with here at Arizona Family Dentistry. Rest assured that your child’s oral and dental health is in good hands.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventing dental conditions in children is a major part of what we do. This includes performing fluoride treatments where we apply fluoride in high concentrations to teeth. This strengthens them and halts any ongoing decay. Fluoride is added to almost all commercial toothpaste but in much lower concentrations.

Fluoride is the most popular mineral, along with calcium, in dental matters. It strengthens teeth and won’t reverse decay, but will be able to stop it. We advise against performing fluoride treatments at home without supervision as using too much fluoride can harm teeth and lead to pitting and discoloration.

Dental sealants are also applied by us. A sealant is made of composite resin and is used to close up tiny grooves present in teeth. These grooves can serve as hiding spots for bacteria, so eliminating them is useful.

Corrective Dentistry

Your child having dental problems isn’t the end of the world. Many children or young adults develop cavities. These are things we can correct here at Arizona Family Dentistry. It’s always a good idea to bring your children in for check-ups so we can detect and fix these issues before they get worse.

Another common issue that children face is misaligned teeth due to overcrowding. Children would also need treatment for things like an overbite or an underbite. If we detect any of these cosmetic issues, we’ll let you know and set a plan for treatment.

Our team of dentists is experienced and has what it takes to take proper care of your child’s dental health.

Other Services

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